Flamenco is a cultural form, music, dance and in a broader sense a way of life and life philosophy that stated to develop in Andalusia in the south of Spain. Flamenco has its roots in gipsy culture and because of this flamenco is developing most vividly in Andalusian gipsy communities. Flamenco was influenced by different cultures, the most prominent being Spanish, Jewish, Muslim and Latin American ones.

Flamenco originates from 15th century. Its contemporary shape started to develop in the middle of 19th c. It gained popularity outside Spain in the 2nd half of 20th c.

Today as a form of art flamenco is known throughout the world. From 2010 flamenco is added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Maria Rääk


Arte Flamenco studio (formerly known as La Ronda and Amargo) started in 1997 with flamenco program in the Rakvere Theatre performance “Don Juan or love or The Love of Geometry”, at the same time being the bachelor thesis of studio head Maria Rääk (department of choreography in Tallinn University). During its history the studio had branches in Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rapla, Paide, Keila, Kolga and Saku. Now the studio functions mainly in Tallinn.

Beside flamenco dance Arte Flamenco studio offers classes in castanets and cajon (flamenco percussion instrument), courses in history of flamenco and Spanish culture. Beside classes our students can show their gained skills during 2 season concerts of the year.

The teacher of the Arte Flamenco studio is Maria Rääk, and our substitute teachers are Elisa Ritsing, Margot Salumets and Evelin Roogna.

ArteFlamenco esinemisrühm laval


Koolitants 2017 – winner in stage dance category, ages 9-14
«Непоседы приглашают друзей» festival (Neposedy are inviting friends) 2016 – winner of 1st diploma in folk dance category (ages 15-24), 1st winner in folk dance category (adults)
Koolitants 2016 – nominee in stage dance category, special prize for graceful movement on stage (Miriam Lehari), special prize for expressive body language (Emma Karafin)
ERT festival 2015 – winner in folk dance category (adults), 2nd place among contestants aged 11-15, 3rd place among contestants aged 6-11
«Непоседы приглашают друзей» festival (Neposedy are inviting friends) 2015 – winner of 2nd diploma in folk dance category (ages 6-11, Carmen Frei, Anni Mäe)
ERT festival 2014 – winner in folk dance category (mixed age group), winner in folk dance category (ages 11-15), 2nd place in age group 6-11
ERT festival 2013 – winner in folk dance category (adults), 3rd place in age group 10-15
“Waltz of flowers” festival 2013 – best performance
ERT festival 2012 – winner in folk dance category (adults)
Koolitants 2012 – nominee in stage dance category
“Waltz of flowers” festival 2011 – audience favorite
ERT festival 2011 – special prize for style and technique
Ritmo contest 2005 – 2nd place
Koolitants 2005 – 2nd place in stage dance category, 3rd place in show dance category, special Silja Line prize from Marika dance school
“Show group of the year” 2001 – 2nd prize
“Show group of the year” 2000 – 2nd prize