Arte Flamenco studio has its own professional show group. It is possible to invite the group to perform during an event. Group repertoire includes traditional flamenco, classical Spanish dance and very popular flamenco nuevo, which is influenced by different dance and music styles.

Show group consists of Maria Rääk, Elisa Ritsing, Margot Salumets, Carmen Frei, Evelina Esolainen, Kirke Kaldoja, Marion Kaldoja, Sofia Bolsakova, Veronika Esolainen.

Music is provided by Indrek Kruusimaa (guitar), Adrian Bravo (violin), Ruber Veliz (song), Reigo Ahven (cajon), Maria Rääk (song, castanets).

It is possible to order a show program with recorded music or with live music. Duration of program and number of dancers depend on your choice. Flamenco is good for gala evening (family events, corporate events), for events in theatre or concert halls (conferences, presentations, anniversaries).

Price of show program depends on the number of performers and the type of music (recorded or live).

Contact us and we will compose the most suitable program for you!